McDonald Uniform Company

3019 Darnell Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154


Returning home to Philadelphia after serving on a Navy vessel during World War II, Joe McDonald, became a mail carrier and delivered mail for years to come. Having delivered mail throughout his assigned area for over 30 years; Joe retired from the postal service and founded Joe McDonald Postal Uniforms in 1973.

In the mid 90's, Dan McDonald Sr., Joe's youngest son, acquired the company from his father.  Dan, like his father, enjoyed getting to know the people he served.  Up until this point, McDonald Uniforms was one of the top five USPS authorized dealers in the US.  With mail order and the internet, Dan envisioned serving not just the USPS, but all Uniformed Professionals.

Today, we serve firefighters, letter carriers, police officers, emergency medical technicians and paramedics, doormen and women, corporate staff, constables, sheriffs, public works crews, state troopers, construction workers and many more.  From firefighting gear to uniform shirts and pants to boots and badges, McDonald Uniforms can supply your everyday needs in your workplace.

With more than 50 years of experience, our dedicated sales team is qualified to help your department achieve the professional image that you are looking for.  Thank you for your interest!

With enhanced customization capabilities, including embroidery, screen printing, logo digitizing, heat seal transfer and tailoring, we are your one-stop-shop for all uniforms from start to finish.