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We strive to reduce our costs and your costs when shipping.  Unfortunately, shipping costs continue to increase.  

Our shippin calculator uses only UPS.  However, we review each order when it is submitted to determine what is the best shipping method at the lowest price.  Many times, we are able to reduce the shipping charge by 50% by using the Postal Service.  

We will soon have a new look and many features to our website.  One additional feature will be a diverse shipping calculator to reduce the price of shipping.  

Expanded & Remodeled Showroom

Police Supply Store in Philadelphia, PA

We take great pride in serving you.  To enhance our abilities and product selection, we have expanded our showroom more than 1,000 square feet, now offering more than 3,000 square feet.

Stop in and see us.  Let us know your thoughts and what else we can add and offer.  

Check out more pictures here.

Footwear Selection

Danner Boots

McDonald Uniforms is pleased to announce we are an authorized Danner Boots distributor.  We currently stock the following styles: Acadia Mens #21210, Lookout 5.5" #23821, Stryker II EMS #42930 and the Tachyon #50122.  

The Danner Boots are the premier uniform boot.  All of the styles can be found here on our website.  

Shop Now for Danner Boots

Danner offers a wide selection of Police Boots, Fire and EMS Boots, Hiking Boots and many other styles.  

Tri-Mountain Apparel

Tri-Mountain Apparel available.  Check out our website of products for Tri-Mountain Apparel.


Commendation Bars, Designed by You!

Commendation / Citation bars are worn on uniforms to recognize the recipient’s bravery, honor and courage.  Commendation / Citation bars are an inexpensive way to boost morale in a department.  There are 100’s of commendation bars to choose from all in different sizes and colors with each bar carrying a unique meaning.

The military was the first to issue citation bars around the time of the US Civil War. At first, citation bars were given on an unofficial basis, at the discretion of the commander. It was only later that citation bars were formally introduced and awarded.

Law Enforcement agencies adopted the concept of police citation bars, albeit on a smaller scale, that made them more manageable for everyday wear. The customary design and placement of citation bars vary greatly from department to department, and no official standardization was ever introduced or formulated. Usually citation bars are worn above the badge to display the medals or as achievements, as the wearing of the actual medals would get in the way of the rigorous day to day work responsibilities.

This concept of citation bars and service bars were later adopted by Fire Departments and EMS.  Today you can now see not only the police commendation awards, you also see EMS citation bars and Fire Fighter Citation Bars worn by all emergency service workers.

Outside of the Military there really are no guidelines or standards for starting a commendation bar program.  Some municipalities have their own standards but they differ from community to community.

There are the standard awards that citation bars represent, including years of service and proper firearms use, and some were introduced at later dates, including the WTC citation bar for the heroes of 9/11.

Designing a Commendation / Citation program can be cumbersome for anyone.  Our online system assists you with designing and developing your custom program.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Let's Get Started Designing Commendation / Citations Bars

How do I keep my shirt tucked in?

Shirt Lock.  made in the USA!!!  Buy Now

Adheres to the fabric of the shirt and the pants. Made of a nylon, hook on hook material 10x the tensile strength of velcro. Unisex belt.

The best shirt tailor in the market.  Buy Now

Check out Video


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TMK Tactical Mic Klip

The TMK Tactical Mic Klip is a simple, yet reliable and professional solution to the microphone retention problem. It can be worn on the front of the uniform or under the shoulder strap (epaulette). Once in place, the TMK becomes invisible as it is hidden by the microphone. The TMK keeps your microphone safely in place and keeps your uniform professional in appearance as it attaches by way of the uniform button, not the uniform. When in use, the TMK disappears and all that is seen is your mic.

Check it out now


Design your Badge!!!

Visual Badge

You can design and build your badge in a few minutes.  It is simple and allows you to see exactly what the badge, name tag, collar pin and more will look like before ordering.  For years, McDonald Uniforms customers have been using Visual Badge to design their police badge, fire badge, ems badge and much more.  

Try it now

BLAUER Boots...Check this out

blauer boa lacing system clash blitz boots

The BOA Lacing System is now in Public Safety Footwear!!!

Features & Benefits

Glove-like Fit

The Boa Closure System provides custom comfort with smooth, even closure and no pressure points.


Get easy, one-handed adjustment with a quick turn of the Boa dial.

Powerful Closure

Once locked into place, Boa reels and laces stay that way.


Made from aircraft-grade stainless steel, Boa laces are stronger per gram than tank armor.


Boa reels offer seemingly infinite degrees of fine tuning.


Boa closures shed water, mud, and ice, shaving precious weight.

Check out the 6" Clash click here

Check out the 8" Blitz click here

Customization and More!

Screen Printing and Heat Seal Options

Check it out Now

Some cool pictures and Movie

Check out some cool pictures Click Here

Check out a movie made with our pictures! Click Here

Preserve the color of uniform clothing

Top 8 Tips to Prevent Colors from Fading

From About Housekeeping


1. Read the Care Label

It takes a few seconds, but reading the care labels may save a lot of heartache when your clothes come out of the wash. Check for instructions that may say to wash only in cold, or with like colors. Don't forget to check for drying instructions as well. The label may indicate that the clothing needs to be dried on low, or drip dried.


2. Wash Dark Colors Together

Sorting clothes is a great opportunity to check the care label, and place your clothing in the correct pile. Anyone who has ever washed one red sock with an entire load of whites, knows the pain that can happen when colors fade away. To prevent dark colors from fading, keep like colors together.


3. Turn Clothes Inside Out

Some of the wear and tear that happens on your clothing can be prevented by turning your clothing inside out before washing and drying. Washing and drying clothing is rough on the outside of your clothing. Turning garments inside out will reduce pilling which dulls the look of the fabric. Don't forget to turn clothing inside out when you hang clothes outside to dry. While the sun is an excellent and efficient drying tool, it will zap the color right out of your clothing.


4. Don't Stuff the Washer

Stuffing the washer is tempting. It will help us save time, right? Well, actually stuffing the washer can cost us quite a bit. It makes the machine work harder and it is tougher on our clothes. Clothing can't come clean or have soap evenly deposited when it is packed into a washing machine. Similarly clothing takes a lot longer to dry when a dryer is stuffed with wet cloths. Clothes need to move freely.


5. Wash in Cold

Colors in cold. This was the unofficial motto of my home growing up. If there is one thing I learned about laundry from my mother, it is that colors get washed in cold. If you want to prevent fading from your colored clothing, wash them in cold water. Detergents have come a long way in the last several years, and most do as well in cold water as the do in hot or warm.


6. Don't Over Dry

It's easy to let our clothing over. While this is bad for all of our laundry, it is particularly bad for our bright and dark colors. Over drying will cause your colors to fade. Set a timer and don't forget about your clothes. Clothes should be slightly damp when they are pulled from the dryer.


7. Add Vinegar

Vinegar doesn't have the most pleasant smell, but adding a cup to your washing machine will not only give you a natural fabric softener, but also help prevent colors from fading. The good news? The vinegar smell goes away in the wash.


8. Use the Gentle Cycle or a Gentle Detergent

If you still want to make sure your colors last as long as possible, you can wash on your machine's gentle cycle or hand wash your special clothing. There are several detergents on the market that are formulated to prevent fading and color loss.

YMEU goes Pink!!!

Check out Yardley Makefield Emergency Unit's 'Community Service Fighting Cancer' campaign. 


*Pictured above Dan McDonald Sr. (L) and Deputy Chief Dennis Wallace (R) of the Yardley Makefield Emergency Unit.
For more information or to make a donation, Click Here.

Many thanks to YMEU and everyone who participates everyday to help fight cancer.

Here is a feature article from buckslocalnews

Yardley-Makefield Emergency Unit kicks off cancer fundraiser with unveiling of 'pink' ambulance
By John Williams

LOWER MAKEFIELD – It's not quite a pink Cadillac like the one in the 1989 iconic Clint Eastwood movie, but it does roll on four wheels.

A Yardley-Makefield ambulance went "pink" in support of those patients and their families who are battling cancer. The Yardley-Makefield Emergency Unit (YMEU) is currently taking donations for members of the community who may need financial assistance.

YMEU Battalion Chief Scott Hower suggested the idea to "pink out" the ambulance to Deputy Chief Dennis Wallace after hearing about a similar form of fundraising at the Center Square Fire Company located in Montgomery County.

“We want to honor those who lost their battle with cancer and raise money for those continuing to fight it,” Wallace told “You can’t really miss a pink ambulance rolling down the road.”

In an unveiling ceremony held at YMEU headquarters on Tuesday, June 12, residents presently undergoing treatment and survivors of the disease were on hand to be a part of the special fundraising kick-off event.

"Our 'pink' ambulance symbolizes our concern and support for our community," said Yardley-Makefield Ambulance Squad member Ellyn Fisher.

If you donate to the YMEU’s campaign – which is being called “Community Service Fighting Cancer” – you will be offered the opportunity to sign the pink stripe on the ambulance.

Deputy Chief Wallace explained that the YMEU plans on rotating the color of the stripe annually in order to acknowledge other forms of cancer.

“So far, feedback has been really good,” admitted Wallace. “We had local businesses attend and make donations; community members come out and support it. Everyone thought it was great and seems willing to donate to the cause.”

Wallace said the emergency unit hasn’t established a concrete fundraising goal, but hopes to raise “several thousand dollars for members of the community.

“We’re asking anyone who needs help in any way to give the YMEU a call. If they were in the hospital and need a ride home, were willing to do that. We’ll be there for them.”

The squad asks that if you know an individual or family battling the disease and in need of help, contact Fisher at 215-493-4222 or


Dress for Success, 'The Counselor' magazine feature

Check out our capabilities!!!

Click Here

Memorial Day, THANK YOU...

to all the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the United States of America. Have a safe and great Memorial Day!

April 2012 Free Giveaway, The March Winners

Elbeco Ufx Polo!

March Winners Announced...Click here to find out what we gave away to 5 lucky winners!

Design Tools

Design tool for apparel, hats, bags and much more.

Apparel Design Studio

Design tool for Badges, Name Tags and Pins.

 Build My Badge

Post your pictures...

Submit your photos to our Pinterest page!  We will be submitting individuals and agencies to be featured in the Best Dressed Awards.  Prizes and recognition will be awarded.  Thanks for following!

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March Monthly Giveaway

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Saturday Specials

Appearance.  It Matters.  (in process of Trademark 1/28/2015)

Appearance It Matters

Goodbye 2011, HELLO 2012

January 2, 2012

McDonald Uniforms wished everyone a happy 2012!  In 2012, we look to service your professional needs while maintaining a level of service that is #1.  This week we will be following up with many of you.  Please add to your address book and 215-673-7211 as McDonald Uniforms in your contact list on your phone.  Thanks for your continued support!

December 26, 2011

Happy holidays everyone! We hope you are enjoying some peace and quiet with your friends and family. End of Year Inventory is currently underway, so expect some awesome deals coming your way soon. We will keep you posted. Enjoy this time with your family and friends.

Take me to the specials!!!

December 25, 2011

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

McDonald Uniforms Teams with UniformSpec
Wishing you and your family a

Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


We will be closed on
Thursday, November 24, 2011
for the Thanksgiving Holiday.


We will re-open with normal operating hours
Friday, November 25, 2011.


November Monthly Giveaway!!!

Blauer 4650    Our November Monthly Giveaway is a 
          Fleece Jacket with Polartec.

         Brand: Blauer  

                Colors Available: Navy and Black

                          Sizing Available: XS-5XL, Short, Reg & Tall


  • PolarTec® Wind Pro® fabric is extremely breathable and provides four times the wind-resistance of conventional fleece
  • Drop shoulder design for unrestricted movement
  • Full zipper front with inside fly for protection from the wind
  • Elasticized cuffs and bottom hem
  • Military style epaulets
  • Zippered hand warmer pockets
  • Ripstop nylon front and back yokes for contemporary appearance and easy slide over of outer shell
  • Optional badge tab, name tab, and mic tabs included

To be entered in the UniformSpec Monthly Giveaway....

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Monthly Giveaway Sept. 2011...

The winner of the Bates Boots Monthly giveaway is Bud Baughman and was announced Monday, September 26, 2011.  The boots were shipped to Bud today 9/27/2011!!!  He received the Bates Ultra Lites!!!  Continue sharing with your friends and colleagues for your chance to win!

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What a Small Linen Company Can Teach You About Social Media

By: Joel Libava King, Franchise Selection Spec's Inc

May 24, 2011

Some businesses look really boring. Can you imagine the excitement you’d experience every day if you were the owner of a gutter-cleaning franchise?

Your daily duties would probably include:

  1. Neighborhood canvassing
  2. Hiring, firing and training of hourly employees
  3. Customer appointment scheduling
  4. Equipment repair
  5. Payroll

Let’s face it; service businesses are in existence to provide services, whether it’s gutter cleaning, pressure washing, lawn care, or house cleaning. They just don’t ooze with excitement. It’s too bad; these businesses are very scalable, and are pretty resistant to technology-related takeovers. For example, there probably won’t be robots available to do the things that we need done around our houses in our lifetimes.

If you’ve been thinking about becoming your own boss, have you skipped over the service franchise sector because it’s just not that sexy? What’s the matter; can’t you get excited about climbing a ladder, (or watching your employees climb a ladder) to clean some gutters? Are you “too good” to do something like that? What if you were able to make the type of income that you wanted to? Would you be able to move past the “image” that the business portrays if you could achieve your goals?

There’s a service franchise out of Canada that has tackled its industry’s image problem in a truly innovative way: the company has decided to focus on the way its services are delivered, by changing its employees' uniforms.

Now, lots of businesses periodically change the look of their employees’ uniforms, but only to freshen things up a bit. The business I’m talking about changed their employees’ uniforms for one reason, and one reason only: to dominate their industry.

You see, the male employees of this service business—the ones climbing ladders—wear kilts.

Imagine driving down the street on your way to work seeing two rather burly-looking men in kilts carrying 30-foot ladders across someone’s finely manicured lawn. Would you stop in your tracks just to see what was going on? Would the other drivers on the same street do the same thing?

The name of this Canadian franchisor is Men in Kilts. Their mission:

“We are committed to delivering a professional, unique service experience while bringing smiles to the faces of all those we kilt at a time.”

Nicholas Brand, Men in Kilts founder, wanted to develop a business that really got people’s attention. I think he’s succeeded, judging by the reactions on one of their YouTube videos.

Will something as simple as a change in uniform be enough to allow this franchisor to dominate its sector of franchising? Do they have top-notch systems, first-class training, and great office technology to support their brand’s growth?

Men in Kilts expanded to the U.S. last month, with the first location opening in Seattle. Now I’m wondering if Men in Kilts has legs. 

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Enter the New Era of Streamlining...'Your Uniform Spec'

July 20, 2010 Philadelphia, PA

What else is there for a Public Safety Director to do?  Order Uniforms. 

The high demands of First Responders responding to 9-1-1 calls,  ER transportation runs or Senior Citizen Taxi Cabs, has lead to the creation of 'UniformSpec'

For those outside the field, first responders consist of the following professional trades: police, fire, ems, security, swat, nurse...the goes on.  Those serving in these fields are the real hero's of society.  Day in and day out, they are out earning a living working at their career. 

"Uniformed Professionals", referred to by Dan McDonald of Philadelphia, "have been outfitted for hundreds of years.  I used to only see the Made in the USA tag in every pant, shirt, piece of footwear I stocked.  Society is cost conscious, which I believe is important, but not at the cost of society.  UniformSpec allows small businesspeople to research their interests while interacting and purchasing their needs."

As time moves forward, we will be faced with many challenges. 

One challenge you can cross of your list is  Order from anywhere.  Set your agencies prefernces and control settings.  Un-Authorized purchases are easily confirmed or $25.00 Gift Certificate to future purchase.  No more Paperwork. 

                           Go Green / Dear Philly Certified

It was created and developed by uniform, service, technologically advanced and retail experts.  Participation is recommended.  Visit for a preview.

Check out a live demonstration in Philadelphia...coming soon!

How to tie a Tie

1. Start with wide end of the tie on your right and extending a foot below narrow end.
2. Cross wide end over narrow and back underneath.
3. Continue around passing wide end across front of narrow once more.
4. Pass side end up through loop.
5. Holding front of knot loose with index finger, pass wide end down through loop in front.
6. Remove finger and tighten knot carefully. Draw up tight to collar by holding narrow end and sliding knot snug.

NEW LOGO...Check it out

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Coming in 24 hours / October 22, 2010

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Vertyx Product Demo!!!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Vertyx Product Demo
Joe Patrick

12:00 PM


 McDonald Uniforms

3019 Darnell Road

Philadelphia, PA 19154


Spring Wardrobe

For a large selection of products from head to toe and so much more for the Spring and Summer,

Visit Our Catalog Web Site

UniformSpec BW Logo

We have bags, towels, t-shirts and so much more that you can customize. 

Check it out and contact us at
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We have great prices, tons of inventory and quick delivery!

Have a great end of the winter and check back for specials soon to come...

What's your idea?

 Use Visual Badge to instantly design a badge and order it. 


Your Badge Design...


Designing a Patch


Do you need help designing artwork for a 
patch or embroidery for your shirt???

We have a great design team which
handles patch, embroidery, screen printing
and heat sealing designs.
 Patch Design
 Give us your ideas and a sketch or picture file and we will do the rest...
Patches are available in 30 days (Rush Available) and we can have your embroidery,
screen printing and heat sealing designed in less than 3 business days and
ready to decorate your wearbales from shirts to hats to sweats to you name it. 

LED Flashlights

We are happy to bring you the
best flahlights on the market.
For a long lasting,
bright as can be,
mutli focus light for
half the price of the big names. 

Check it out in our Flashlights Section.

Flashlight Launches!!!

Thanks for visiting Uniform Spec. 
We look forward to bringing you the best service with the
best products at a very competitive price. 

Please feel free to navigate this new site as
we look forward to bringing you much more in the future. officially launched August 1, 2009
and we are still in the process of working out minor bugs
and adding products and images.

Thank you for your patience!

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    -- Craig - Philadelphia Police Department

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